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Board structuring & review in Australia.

Acclime specialises in reviewing board governance and performance in listed and private companies, and works to improve effectiveness to give investors and stakeholders greater confidence in their compliance processes.

Company secretary in Hong Kong

Get our experts to ensure your board governance is effective and watertight.

Genuine expertise

Whether a listed or private company, leverage our teams years of adviory experience to structure your board to maximise efficiency and wow all your investors and stakeholders.

Thorough analysis

Acclime will fully review all aspects of the board’s composition, performance and regulatory compliance. The recommendations will help you towards better effectiveness with lower risks.

Trusted partnership

Our experts have your corporate reputation at heart and will work with you to provide impressive governance. You can expect partner level care and a dedicated approach.

Board advisory services

Add an expert voice to the board of your company.

Performance reviews can improve board effectiveness and give investors and stakeholders greater confidence in their compliance processes.

Essential board performance reviews.

  • Acclime’s board reviews inform directors and executive teams about:

    board structure, roles and competencies
    board skills set, identifying strengths, weaknesses and gaps
    succession planning issues
    the overall performance of the board
    directors’ performance of their roles and responsibilities
    the compliance and effectiveness of activities, such as reporting and shareholder meetings
Single annual fee
Ready to get started?

Let our experts identify the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your board structure & management.

Not sure where to begin?

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss starting & operating your company in Australia.

Blair Lucas, Acclime Partner