Personal finance app client wanted a corporate services specialist to meet compliance requirements.

Mainaining an Australian headquarters for our fintech client required a highly proactive corporate services provider.

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    Business compliance, Registered Director and Company Officers
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Our client was an American fintech company with over 20,000 customers globally who decided to establish Australian headquarters in Melbourne.

The challenge.

The client had commenced their initial expansion by engaging an international accounting firm for their initial company incorporation, but they needed partners to meet the other corporate requirements under Australian law and regulations.

Our solution.

With our comprehensive and integrated suite of hosting and compliance services all under the one roof, the client chose CoSec’s tailored, fit-for-purpose solution to support their entry into the Australian market. We provided Resident Company Officers, including Resident Director with extensive C-suite experience in international business, and Registered and Virtual Office services to manage the company’s ongoing corporate and financial compliance in Australia

The result.

Three years on, we continue to support our fintech client with the day-to-day management of their Australian entity to ensure their business runs smoothly and is fully compliant with local laws and regulations.

Their Melbourne HQ has been a springboard for exponential growth in the region. In their second year alone they more than tripled their customer base, They have won partnerships with major Australian banks, grown their revenue significantly, and more than tripled their customer base in their second year alone.

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Blair Lucas, Acclime Partner

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