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Formation guides.

Setting up a remote company in Australia

This guide provides an overview of setting up a remote company in Australia, including the process, requirements and more.

Seven reasons for setting up a business in Australia

We have listed seven reasons why foreign investors & offshore companies seeking to expand overseas should choose Australia.

Branch office vs subsidiary in Australia: A comparison

When expanding to Australia know the different requirements and benefits foreign branch office (foreign company) and a subsidiary (company).

Public officer’s roles & responsibilities in Australian business

Companies must ensure that they do not overlook this role as public officers are mainly responsible for a company’s tax affairs.

Company secretary’s roles & responsibilities in an Australian …

This guide provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary in Australia to help you maintain good governance.

How to register a company in Australia

Setting up a new business may be challenging for new investors as it requires preparation and must comply with Australian regulations.

Foreign company registration options in Australia

Foreign companies should consider the various options to enter the Australian market. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Setting up a proprietary company in Australia

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a proprietary company in Australia, which is the most common type of set up.

Setting up a registered foreign company in Australia

Foreign companies wishing to carry out business in Australia without incorporating an Australian entity can register as a foreign company.

The R&D Tax Incentive program in Australia

The Research and Development (R&D) Incentive is a program designed to encourage companies to conduct eligible R&D activities in Australia.