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Life sciences.

We see around corners on BioTech and life sciences investment in Australia.

The ASX-listed pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life-science sector has a market value of over AU$150 billion and comprises just under 100 companies. Research and Development tax incentives entice global technologies to Australia.

A decade of development often sits behind successful BioTech — and buying and developing an asset can be a financial rollercoaster. Surviving the ups and downs of clinical trials is vital before share prices can accelerate and acquisition becomes likely.


Approximate Australian investment in BioTech companies.


Clinical trials commenced each year in Australia.


Australia’s world ranking for intellectual property security.

How Acclime can help.

Navigating regulatory landscape

Acclime guides life science businesses in Australia through complex regulations, ensuring compliance for successful trials and commercialisation.

Optimising financial processes

Our financial expertise helps life science companies navigate uncertainties, optimise financial processes, and manage costs effectively.

Intellectual property management

We secure and manage your intellectual property, which is crucial for maximising the value of innovations, especially as acquisitions become likely.

We are proud of the difference we make every day.

Our clients have made some big waves in the world—we’re working with them to steady the ship.