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Company secretary
in Australia.

Acclime works with boards and senior management to provide highly professional, cost effective company secretarial support and best practice corporate governance programs. This enables directors and executives to focus on strategic and operational objectives while leaving regulatory compliance and the associated risks in safe, experienced hands.

Company secretary in Hong Kong

Run your business efficiently with
our company secretarial services.

Cost-effective expertise

Leverage our years of experience in the market to provide cost-effective governance and compliance expertise, which will eliminate risks and exposure while freeing up your time.

Best practice ensured

We provide a fixed point of contact with an experienced and qualified Chartered Secretary, who has the professional background to maintain a commitment to best practice in corporate governance.

Tailored advice & services

Acclime provides packages of services tailored to your specific needs. Our experts can establish, review or audit your governance framework and suggest a structure of services to suit.

Company secretarial services

Providing governance & compliance expertise when you need it.

The company secretary role is vital for ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and that board decisions are implemented. It’s a role that requires specialist skills, including the ability to maintain company records, advise boards and management teams, and lodge company announcements and filings.

Essential company secretarial services.

  • Resident company secretary

    Your dedicated Chartered Secretary will:

    • Plan and manage Board, committee and shareholder meetings
    • Attend company meetings
    • Provide interim cover and support
    • Prepare and lodge official forms
    • Maintain statutory registers
    • Arrange and maintain company insurance
    • Maintain company structures and manage subsidiary registers
    • Provide general governance and compliance advice
  • Listed company support

    We support listed companies with governance and compliance services, including:

    • Board meeting services
    • Minutes of meetings
    • Corporate governance advice
    • ASX reporting and announcements
    • ASIC reporting
    • AGM/EGM planning,notices and support
    • Board Committee services
    • Share Registry communication and maintenance
    • Transactional support (Prospectus)
  • Corporate governance advisory service

    Our corporate governance advisory services flexible to meet your needs, and cover issues relevant to the structure of your business, whether it be a listed company or not. Our services include:

    • Review or establish a corporate governance framework
    • Review or develop and document charters, policies and procedures
    • Audit existing governance and compliance practices
    • Board review
  • The Future Generation Investment Companies, Australia’s only ASX-listed investment company with the sole purpose of donating all returns to youth-focused charitable organisations, would like to acknowledge Acclime Australia for the provision of company secretarial services on a pro-bono basis since its inception almost a decade ago. As CEO, I speak for the directors of both Boards when I reflect on the contribution the Acclime team makes to our governance practices. It’s a long-standing partnership we all value greatly.

    Caroline Gurney
    CEO, The Future Generation companies
  • As a relatively new CEO in the ASX-listed public company environment, operating in the challenging bio-technology space, I have really come to appreciate and depend on the sound governance advice provided by Acclime Australia’s talented company secretarial team. More importantly, they have been there for me when I’ve needed them with exceptional turnaround time.

    Paul McDonald
    CEO, IDT Australia Limited

    Common questions.

    What is the role of a company secretary in Australia?

    A company secretary in Australia plays a crucial role in ensuring that a company complies with its legal obligations and maintains good corporate governance practices. They assist in organising board meetings, handle statutory filings, and ensure that the company adheres to relevant laws and regulations.

    Is it mandatory for a company in Australia to appoint a company secretary?

    While it is not mandatory for all companies in Australia to appoint a company secretary, it is a common practice, especially for larger organisations. Public companies are required to have a company secretary, while private companies are not obligated to do so but may choose to appoint one for administrative and compliance purposes.

    What qualifications and skills should a company secretary possess in Australia?

    In Australia, a company secretary is typically expected to have a good understanding of corporate law, company regulations, and governance practices. They should possess strong organisational and communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to stay updated on legal and regulatory changes affecting the company.

    Can a company outsource its company secretary services in Australia?

    Yes, companies in Australia can choose to outsource their company secretary services to third-party providers. This allows businesses to access professional expertise without needing an in-house appointment. Selecting a reputable service provider with experience in Australian corporate regulations is important.

    What are the key responsibilities of a company secretary in Australia?

    The responsibilities of a company secretary in Australia include maintaining statutory registers, preparing and filing necessary documentation with regulatory authorities, organizsng board meetings, ensuring compliance with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) requirements, and advising the board on corporate governance matters. Their role is crucial in facilitating effective communication between the board, management, and shareholders.

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